Accounts Payable

For A/P we offer two tracks.

Whether you enter the bills or we do, we will ensure accuracy and proper account assignment.  A/P aging will be run on a regular basis and we will research any past due amounts, correct any errors, or contact vendors for missing credit memos.

Track 1 - You handle the data entry and payments. We will ensure payments that have been made, or available credits, are applied to the appropriate vendor invoices.

Track 2 - We handle the data entry and payments.  We will run a cash requirements report, review when payments are due, ensure there are funds to cover payments, notify you of any shortages, and issue checks to vendors or apply available credits. Includes 1096/1099 processing.

Accounting Software/Setup

We can help you choose which Intuit accounting software will work best for your business needs. Intuit offers both desktop and online versions of QuickBooks.  As a ProAdvisor we will help you get the best deal on any version of QuickBooks.

Whether you are implementing software for the first time, or are changing from one software to another, we can set your company up on it.  

This includes company information, chart of accounts including beginning balances, item lists for service or inventory items including quantity and value on hand, customer and vendor lists with beginning balances, and, if necessary, employee lists and payroll items including year to date information for wages and taxes withheld and paid.

Accounts Receivable

For A/R we offer two tracks.

Whether you enter customer invoices or we do, we will ensure accuracy and proper account assignment.  A/R aging will be run on a regular basis and we will research any past due amounts, correct any errors, and, if needed, assess finance charges on past due accounts and contact customers regarding payment.

Track 1 - You handle the data entry and receipt of payments.  We will ensure payments or credits are applied to the appropriate customer invoices and deposits are processed properly.

Track 2 - We handle the data entry and receipt of payments.  We will create invoices or statements as needed, record payments when received, notify you of any long outstanding balances, and record deposits when made.

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Payroll & Reporting

Includes accuracy of withholding and employment verification forms and new hire reporting.

Time entry, with class tracking if needed.

Preparation of payroll checks for hourly or salaried employees on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Preparation of Federal and State tax withholding payments as well as garnishment withholding and payment.

Preparation of quarterly Federal and State tax filings and any additional payments for unemployment insurance.

Preparation of year end W-3/W-2 filings and any annual reports and necessary payments.

Bookkeeping Services

Includes data entry or downloading bank feeds with review to ensure accurate account posting and necessary corrections.

Reconciliation of bank accounts, credit cards, and loan accounts including mortgage and escrow.  

General Ledger review and maintenance to ensure transactions are posted to the appropriate accounts on a regular basis, including correction of mispostings and adjusting entries.  

P&L, Balance Sheet, A/P, A/R aging for client review.

Posting of adjusting entries from accountant at year end, or as supplied.  

Sales Tax

We will prepare and file your sales tax reports on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis depending upon your company's requirement with the appropriate Tax Agency.

If you are a new company, adding taxable services to an existing business, or start doing a business with a new Tax Agency we will file your sales tax registration for you.  

If applicable, we will sign you up on the Tax Agency's website for online filing of sales tax.

Below are many of the services my company offers.  Any or all of the available services can be completed on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending on your company's needs.  

If there is a service that your business requires that is not listed, please ask - that service may be available.